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Термостабилизация грунтов на газовых и нефтяных месторождениях в районах Крайнего Севера

Artificial freezing of soils - This is the most versatile and reliable way to increase soil strength.

The most common artificial freezing thawed and frozen ground seasonally-operating cooling devices (SHOW) received in the Far North in permafrost. Heat setting can solve the problem of thawing permafrost under the buildings and structures to prevent subsidence and destruction of foundations.

Осадка и разрушение трубопровода из-за таяния мерзлого грунта на Крайнем Севере Искривление трубопровода вследствие растепления и просадки вечномерзлого грунта под ним

The technology of artificial freezing of soils also successfully applied during the construction of various structures on weak, unstable water-bearing soils:

  • in the construction of tunnels for various purposes, incl. escalator subway tunnels;
  • the development of mines and pits for the construction of dams, building power plants, docks and other structures;
  • in the construction of foundations for industrial buildings and machines on unstable rocks;
  • during construction and underground storage tanks with constant maintenance of their walls frozen.

Последствия воздействия вечной мерзлоты на здания и сооружения Деформации железнодорожного полотна из-за растепления грунтов в зоне вечной мерзлоты

At the present stage in the design of the foundations, erected in difficult geotechnical conditions, using artificial soil freezing technology, It requires the use of computer simulation for predicting temperature fields and mechanical properties of soils. When the thermal calculations of soil is necessary to consider the freezing and thawing of the soil with the calculation of convective heat transfer, moisture migration toward the freezing front, as well as the work of cooling devices.