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frost 3d

Software for Thermal Analysis

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frost 3d

Software for Thermal Analysis

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Main Features

Frost 3D software package enables you to develop scientific models of permafrost thermal regimes under the thermal influence of pipelines, production wells, hydraulic constructions etc., taking into account the thermal stabilization of the ground.

The software is required during the designing of:

  • Overhead and underground pipelines
  • Highways and railways
  • Foundations and footings
  • Piles and oil wells
  • Insulation of buildings and constructions
  • Insulated pipes and heating systems
  • Tunnels and mines
  • Transmission towers
  • Dams*, embankments and bridges

* with filtration

Frost 3D add-on modules give the users the ability to compute settlement of thawed permafrost, bearing capacity of piles, foundation deformation.


OS: Windows 7, 8,10
CPU: Intel core i3 (release after 2011)
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 400 or better, GDDR5 512 MB
HDD: 5 Gb of free space
Internet access required

Quality Assurance

Frost 3D is certified in the Russian Federation and complies with international standards:

  • RSN 67-87
  • SP 25.13330.2012
  • SP 36.13330.2012
  • SP 47.13330.2012
  • SP 50.13330.2012
  • SP 23-101-2004
  • SP 61.13330.2012
  • SP 41-103-2000
  • SP 116.13330.2012
  • SP 11-105-97
  • STO Gazprom 2-2.1-390-2009
  • STO Gazprom 2-2.1-435-2010
  • GOST R ISO 9127-94
  • GOST R ISO/IEC 12119-2000
patents Frost 3D certificate of conformity (GOST-R)

Frost 3D certificates and patents

Frost 3D certificate of conformity (GOST-R)

Frost 3D numerical methods were verified against the exact analytical solutions and experimental data.


Frost 3D software allows you to develop scientific models of permafrost thermal regimes under the thermal influence of pipelines, production wells, hydraulic constructions etc., taking into account the thermal stabilization of the ground. The software package is based on ten years’ experience in the field of programming.
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Publications and Presentations

About Simmakers Ltd

Frost 3D — software package for ground temperature modeling

Who We Are

Simmakers Ltd develops, markets and supports Frost 3D software package. Our company is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center and collaborates with the world’s leading research centers. Simmakers have been developing science-intensive software since 2001.
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What We Do

Over 10 years of work we have implemented projects in various fields including construction engineering, geology, machinery construction, and environmental engineering. Our professionals contribute to the development of science and technology, with more than 50 publications in scientific journals, and presentations at conferences and seminars.

Customer Support


Frost 3D software package includes product documentation, ten case studies, and tutorials.

Training Courses

Simmakers provides Frost 3D training courses and guidance. All attendees who complete the course can effectively apply Frost 3D for simulation routines.


Frost 3D is under continual development. Simmakers focuses considerable effort on developing new features and enhancements based on our customers’ feedback.


Simmakers conducting free webinars devoted to computer simulation in Frost 3D software package.

Technical Support

Simmakers provides technical support services, which are designed to address the unique needs of all our certified customers.

Demo Version

For new customers we offer free demo version to learn more about Frost 3D main features!

Our Customers


S.V. LankoAssociate professor of Geotechnics, PhD in Technological Sciences, Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPSUACE)
The software is certainly currently important in our sphere as you can count on your fingers the analogues developed specially for ground.In general the interface and a procedure of computation are clear. I introduced the ideas concerning improvement of the interface from the point of view of the user and the engineer in the field of geotechnical construction.
E.A. AkchurinaLecturer of Hydraulic gas dynamics of pipeline systems and hydrocars department, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
Using the software it is possible to carry out thermal analyses of ground that allows to carry out long-term forecasting of the thermal regime, processes of permafrost degradation (settlement). And you can set heat exchange of cooling devices with the ground foundation, considering parameters of heat exchange.
M.A. MagomedogadjievaSpecialist in ground thermostabilization and geotechnical monitoring, "Krasnoiarskgazprom neftegazproekt"
I am happy with the quality of performance of prediction thermal analyses computations. Computations can be carried out taking into account phase transition and filtration. It is great that it is possible to observe and control set basic data visually, to introduce amendments and also to receive visualization of computation results.
Yu.V. UglovManager of group of PJSC "Yuzhniigiprogaz Institute"
It should be noted that the software developers quickly react to the raised technical questions and explain nuances of the techniques put in computational models. For full use of functionality of the software passing of an additional educational course is extremely desirable.
N.G. GilevLeading specialist in ground thermal stabilization and geotechnical monitoring, Architectural and Constructional department, Rosneft
Thanks to Frost 3D software package developed by Simmakers company, implementation of design decisions became much simpler, the software allowed to make the design decisions which ensure mechanical safety of constructions with optimization of construction costs.
M.E. LoginovaAssociate professor at «Oil & Gas well drilling» department, сandidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
I would like to note professionalism of the software team developers. The organizers of the project managed to get people who have the large volume of knowledge of fundamental sciences, applied mathematics. And those ones, in turn, were able to create a universal product which combines great opportunities for computations on permafrost.I consider that the software has big future. Interface look, graphic editor, visualization of computations are the advantages of the software.
A.S. MelentievActing Deputy development director of "Rosneft"
PJSC Rosneft Oil Company is being engaged in arrangement of fields in the сryolithic zone more than 15 years. Permafrost ground is a complicating factor at arrangement of similar objects. We express gratitude to Simmakers company for the rendered assistance and technical support at introduction of advanced technologies of oil and gas fields design on permafrost.
Yu.V. UglovManager of group of PJSC "Yuzhniigiprogaz Institute"
The introduction of Frost3D software package allowed the institute to take high-quality modeling of thermal interaction of underground pipelines with permafrost to a new modern level. It is especially important that the software is certified in the Russian Federation and corresponds to the existing standards for pipeline transport. After introduction of "Frost3D" the number of remarks from the expert organizations to the thermal analyses executed by the institute in the project documentation was significantly reduced.
T.F. LeniukOil Field Department Team Leader, Ukrainian Oil and Gas Institute
During the whole period of Frost 3D license, Simmakers experts provided excellent technical support services, in addition to the competent advices addressed to the goals and unique needs of our company.
Yu.V. AlekseichukDeputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Engineer, Ukrainian Oil and Gas Institute
Our company use Frost 3D software license to conduct thermal analyses for construction project drawings and specifications, including: "Kharampursk Gas Field Arrangement " and "Tarasovsk Field: Cluster Sites Arrangement".
D.V. LipikhinLeading Engineer of Construction Department No. 2, Tomsk Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute
Frost 3D is 100% must have software package, especially now, when Construction Department No. 2 develops design solutions for construction of buildings and facilities in permafrost zones (Vankorneft, Tyumenneftegaz).
Yu.V. AlekseichukDeputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Engineer, Ukrainian Oil and Gas Institute
Applying Frost 3D software package allowed us to improve the quality and validity of design solutions, structural reliability and operational safety of the designed oil&gas facilities under the difficult natural and climatic conditions of the Yamalo-Nenets District.
T.F. LeniukOil Field Department Team Leader, Ukrainian Oil and Gas Institute
With Frost 3D software package we performed thermal analyses of the 25 selected road sections on the permafrost, as a part of construction project drawings and specifications "Kharampursk Gas Field Arrangement. Development of Senomansk and a part of Turonian Deposits ". And now, thanks to the successfully accomplished work, we have passed the state expert examination.

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